Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good stuff

Cherry Rock on Sunday, AC/DC Lane. The joys of Digger and the Pussycats, the always-awesome Dynamo! (even though they don't have an exclamation mark as part of their name I always think they should) and many more. Vodka in abundance. Excellent conversation. Felt like a bit of a spare wheel from time to time, tagging along with different people at different times, as none of my closest friends were there, but still had heaps of fun. Forced myself to leave at a civilised hour too, just before 8pm, as I had work tomorrow and knew it would be way too easy to stay out til all hours, especially as I had the offer of my name of the door at Dirty Sanchez, a bunch of maniacs who do strange, gross, painful and hilarious things to and with their bodies. Think Jackass but with Welsh accents.

In the Shadows of Opulence: an installation at Seventh Gallery in Gertrude Street by Charlotte Amos, Betra Fraval and Skye Kennewell that the artists describe as "an exploration of excess and desire. Like a museum object, the installation stands, a dark and romantic void pregnant with promise and anticipation." It's certainly dark, like a goth's dream of a Victorian -era parlour during a period of mourning, whose grief glitters like gold, but transmutes everything it touches to ebony. Showing until May 19. Check out Melinda Ballard's Grandeur/Mortality in Gallery 2 while you're there.

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Anonymous said...

Well, were you at Barry's on Thurs night? Like, just last night.

It's good anyway—I just wanted to tell— that you write about your exploits.

Coz that's how I get to know where to go.

The Oddball 'Would you like a coffee?' Singaporean